6 Large Dog – Flea Pills


6 Large Dog Pills  – 405mg Lufenuron & 57mg Nitenpyram for Large Dogs 50 -96 pounds .

• Large dog Flea from thebestdogproducts.com is a capsule that contains 405mg Lufenuron & 57mg Nitenpyram. It is best for treating fleas in dogs weighing 50- 96 pounds. It works by killing adult fleas within 30 minutes and preventing flea eggs from hatching for 30 days. It is given once a month and has a bacon flavor. Compare prices and results and you will soon see why thousands of people use our products every month.

Large Dog - 405mg Lufenuron & 57mg Nitenpyram for Large Dogs 50 - 96 Lbs

  • A must have product for spring and summer
  • 57mg of Nitenpyram
  • 405mg of USP grade Lufenuron
  • Nitenpyram starts working in 30 minutes
  • Lufenuron protects for 30 days
  • Given once every 30 days and is an excellent monthly pet product
  • Lufenuron and Nitenpyram have been available in Canada and the USA since 1995
  • An easy to use gelcap makes our products super flexible to give, even for the most resistant cat or dog!
  • Nitenpyram is the gold standard in pet supply products.
  • Lufenuron and Nitenpyram are both gentle and time tested.
  • No Preservatives and No Artificial Flavors